Meet Aeicha

Hi and welcome! My name is Aei and I am a Thai artist who captures the beauty of nature with details. Feeling the sense of calmness, the soft wind, the rustic mountains, and the crystal clear waters inspire me. I love those small details that are often overlooked by others.

My love for art comes from a very young age, but as far as I can remember, it started when I was 9 years old spending time waiting in my mother's car. I started to draw and got lost in space and time. I continued this in high school and it led me to meet my first art teacher, Ms. Karen, who introduced me to the world of art. I fell in love with Matisse, Hopper, Degas, Cézanne and the list continues!  And when I went to architecture school, I was introduced to another form of art. I've learned how to pay attention to details and harmony as well as to observe and analyze my surroundings. So you could say that my architectural school years are what inspired my delicately detailed paintings. I have worked with cafes, restaurants, magazines, editorials, and a few exhibitions in Bangkok, Thailand. In 2014, I officially started Aeicha!

I currently live in Corsica with my husband and our Australian Shepherd, Una. When I'm not painting, we can be found hiking to our favorite waterfall or walking along beaches. Inspired by nature and travel, I love to immerse myself in my surroundings and then depict them in my own way. I am always amazed at how my paintings touch others without using words. Somehow, the subject, colors, details become an intermediary that reaches you, the viewer, and me, the artist. It brings me great joy and motivates me to paint as I do: subtle and detailed.